Wow, a whole page about me!! :-)

I have been told many times that I talk like a waterfall lol, but talking about myself has never been my strong suit. But here goes...


Hi, my name is Kim and I live in Georgia, US. I'm a Wife, Mother, philanthropist and entrepreneur.

My entire life I have been into crafting. From painting to sculpting and everything in between.  

My love for beading started as a hobby but soon became an obsession of mine and with that, Kyue Style Jewelry was born. Kyue is the name of my Mother :-)

I absolutely LOVE beading! Not only does it fulfill me and relax my mind, but I try my best to make each piece of jewelry unique with wishes of it becoming a favorite of yours!  Each piece is %100 handmade and I spend a lot of time coming up with unique and detailed designs.

Knowing that you appreciate and value my work is by far the most rewarding part of my job. I can't thank you enough for supporting my small business.

Kim xx 




Kim - Entrepreneur | Kyue Style Jewelry | USA