"My wife loves turquoise and really likes natures blessings.

She received it and it's really very beautiful "


-Tom, Rome

"I love it!!!"

-Kelliyah, London United Kingdom

"Thank you kindly! I went to my mailbox to find this beautiful 3 piece handmade bracelet....if you're looking for one last gift , consider Kim's company."

-Phyllis, Georgia"

"I absolutely love my bracelets. The packaging was very well thought out and chic to match the bracelets inside. After almost 6 months with them and they are still holding strong like the first day I got them. I wear them out for date nights, casual days with jeans. I just love how they compliment my casual looks."

-Jasmine, Dallas 

"Beautiful handmade bracelets. When I opened the mailing package, this is how it came. Too Cute!I love the color, the little details, the size is just right, and I can wear one or all three"

                   -Melissa, NYC